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‘Heaven help us’: Sly says new Lawyer X information could see royal commission get out of control

Sly says new information that Lawyer X began working covertly for Victoria Police more than a decade before police previously admitted to, will have huge repercussions for the royal commission.

It’s been revealed 3838 began relaying information to police when she was still a law student at Melbourne University in 1995.

“Someone was checking a police storeroom in Laverton and they found a cardboard box, they weren’t looking for it, but they opened it up and there was information that suggested Lawyer 3838 had previously been registered as an informer,” Sly said.

“Police are saying now there are six other people who have this sort of privilege issue, and the belief is that they are all lawyers.

“All these laywers, all their clients will have to be checked, meaning good luck with this royal commission only lasting 12 months.

“It could get just totally out of control now with hundreds of cases.

“The royal commission is holding a wolf by the ears and if they let go, heaven help us.”

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“She made a submission for financial compensation where she detailed her informing, saying that she spoke informally to a Purana taskforce member in 2004 and was registered in 2005,” Sly said.

“If indeed she knew she was an informer from an earlier date I would imagine she would have said so because it would have added to her compensation claim, to say, ‘I was turned when I was a poor little student and I’ve been under this pressure ever since’.”