Help eight-year-old Jonty Stickland get an epilepsy assistance dog

Jonty Stickland is an eight-year-old with epilepsy.

He has just recently been diagnosed as being at high risk of sudden-unexplained-death of an epileptic person.

His family and a group of supporters have managed to get the cash together to buy a heart and oxygen monitor for while he’s sleeping.

But now they’re trying to raise money for a specialist epilepsy dog, which Jonty wants to name Bark.

Neil Mitchell spoke with Jonty’s mum, Tanie Stickland.

Within minutes, thousands of dollars in donations started to pour through.

‘I’m almost speechless, which is a very rare occasion,’ Ms Stickland said.

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3AW Mornings managed to raise over $30,000 for the Stickland family.

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