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Hero pulls crash victim from car after emergency crews refuse to touch her over COVID-19 fears



A Melbourne woman has been been hailed as a hero after pulling a crash victim from a wrecked car when emergency crews refused to touch her, due to coronavirus fears.

News of Laura’s brave deed surfaced on 3AW’s Rumour File.

The hero said she was walking up her driveway in Melbourne’s south-east on Monday when a woman’s car crashed into a pole outside.

“I had immediately run to the vehicle and there was a single occupant, a female driver in her 30s, who had sustained pretty serious injuries to her face,” Laura told Ross and John.

“The triple zero operator actually asked me to wipe the blood from her mouth because she was gasping for air and choking on the blood.”

Two police officers arrived at the scene after another witness called Triple Zero, and instructed Laura to move the driver to the nature strip.

“There was a fair bit of smoke billowing from the dashboard and I was asked remove the driver from the vehicle,” she said.

When paramedics arrived, they too refused to touch the woman, and instructed Laura to transport her to a stretcher.

She was not offered any protective gear.

“The paramedics emerged with face masks and removed a stretcher from the back of the vehicle, and I was instructed to carry the woman about 20 metres and placed her on a stretcher,” Laura said.

“I was already in contact with her. I was already holding her.

“I hadn’t at that point considered the consequences I’d opened myself up to.”

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