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Heroic rape survivor ‘pushed aside’ as attacker nears parole

The survivor of one of the worst rape cases ever seen in Victorian court has called for lifelong government funded victim’s support, not just the six years she’s been told she’s eligible for.

Julia’s (not her real name) injuries were described in court as “some of the worst seen with a rape victim who survived”.

The brutal rape happened in 2002 when Julia was in her 20s.

The man who did it was jailed for 17 years, with a minimum of 13.

With the minimum time approaching, Julia contacted Neil to say she feels “pushed aside” by the system.

“I didn’t realise there was a time period in which I could use these (psychology sessions),” she said.

“When I tried to apply for some more, I was told due to the age of my claim, that I could not do that.

“So six years after your initial crime, is when you stop being a victim.

“Our prison system is meant for rehabilitation, what about the rehabilitation of our victims, whenever they need it.”

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Upon hearing the interview, one of the officers who worked on Julia’s case, Christine, called the Mornings program.

“It still haunts me to this day,” she said.

“I was 15 years in the Sexual Offences Squad.

“It was the most traumatic thing I accounted in the 20 years I was in the job.”

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The Coalition have pledged to extend the period for victim’s support to 15 years.

Neil Mitchell said the program would get on to the government.

“I don’t expect we’ll get an answer quickly,” he said.

“But I tell you what, we will not drop it.

“Heroic is the only word for her.”