‘He’s got my vote now’: 3AW caller won over by Bill Shorten’s emotion

Bill Shorten held back tears during a press conference today as he shared a touching anecdote, amid claims he omitted information about his mother’s life.

The opposition leader took to the media after a News Corp paper pointed out Dr Ann Shorten did in fact become a lawyer decades later.

“I’m glad she wasn’t here today to read that rubbish,” shared Shorten.

3AW Morning’s fill-in host Tony Jones praised the “real Bill Shorten” for his emotional response.

“Finally, finally we’re hearing a politician speak from the heart, ” said Jones.

Caller, Sue, was won over by the touching tribute.

“He’s got my vote now, because I know where he stands on women and women’s rights,” she said.

Sue may not be an anomaly, “I tend to think a lot of swinging voters may head his way,” said Tony Jones.