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Hidden Melbourne: One man’s search for the city’s forgotten tunnel network

Yesterday a sinkhole opened up in Collins Street, causing traffic chaos and giving us a peak into what’s under the city.

One man who spends his weekends exploring subterranean Melbourne says there’s a lot beneath the city’s surface.

Mark Rawson told 3AW’s Dee Dee no maps of Melbourne’s tunnel network remain, but he’s very sure it exists.

“Melbourne is pretty much the same as any other city the same age, they all had underground infrastructure,” he said.

“Apparently the main tunnel system is beautiful brick and bluestone work with street signs under it to tell you which street you’re under.

“We’ve come across a number of eyewitnesses that have been in it.”

Mr Rawson said some of the tunnels, which were designed for horses and carts to transport goods from the docks, are “big enough for a truck”.

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