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Hidden snag: Salty sausages the latest food on dietitian’s hit list

The Aussie BBQ staple, the humble sausage, can contain almost half an adult’s recommended daily salt intake, with VicHealth calling for Victorians to cull their snag intake.

New research by health experts reveals a massive difference in the salt content of sausages, with some more than three times saltier than others.

Dietitian at VicHealth, Jen Reimers told Ross and John the research is more about understanding where salt comes from.

“What our research found was that sausages don’t have to be as salty as the highest salt ones, the highest salt one was three times higher than the lowest one,” she said.

“We looked at one thousand processed meat products.

“A lot of people would put a sliced meat on their sandwich most days, and that’s too much.”

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Ross couldn’t be won over by the advice.

“If I wanted tofu, I’d eat tofu,” he said.

So the boys had a 3AW Breakfast celebration of salt, with Scorcher bringing in a selection of salty snacks.

“What are the best salt delivery mechanisms?” Ross said.

“It’s got to be the potato cake,” Burnso said.

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