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High demand for our jujubes

The Chinese aren’t just after Australian baby formula – they’re also buying up a fruit by the name of jujube.

But Ross and John are stumped as to what the small fruit, also known as the Chinese date when dried, actually is.

Bernard McCarthy, owner of Jujube Australia, has grown the jujube for twenty five years. He told Ross and John most of the jujubes he grows are consumed domestically and are sold through the central markets rather than supermarkets.

‘They’re quite a delicious fruit,’ he said. ‘They’re very very nutritious.’

‘One of the biggest features of the fresh jujube is the vitamin C content. It’s around 500 milligrams of vitamin C for every 100 grams of jujube fruit…one of the highest known concentrations of vitamin C for any fruit.’

Bernard McCarthy from Jujube Australia talks to Ross and John about this mysterious fruit