High-profile 60 Minutes departure: ‘No one will admit it, but…’


Experienced TV journalist Ross Coulthart has left Channel Nine’s flagship current affairs program 60 Minutes, Peter Ford reports.

Ford told Ross and John Coulthart left on “civil terms”, with money as the sticking point.

He said that’s indicative of a move away from investigative journalist on commercial TV.

“No one is going to admit it, but investigative journalism is really being cut back on, particularly on commercial TV,” he said.

Sunday Night and 60 Minutes are the only shows out there doing longer form stories, and even their budgets are being cut back.

“And I think unfortunately Ross Coulthart is a victim of that.”

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“I’m not sure where someone like that goes. I mean you’d like to say he’d get snapped up, he’s so good, but realistically … if you are a good, experienced investigative journalist who wants to be well-paid, the options are limited,” he said.