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Hinch puts a figure on his chances of re-election, slams nursing homes

Senator Derryn Hinch thinks he has a 65 per cent chance of being re-elected to the Senate in the upcoming federal election.

Hinch said he has had a “fantastic” response from voters for his stance on domestic violence orders, but re-election will be tough.

“It’s a half-Senate election so you need to almost double your vote,” he told 3AW’s Tony Jones.

Last election, Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party received nearly a quarter of a million primary votes.

If he is not re-elected, Hinch says he will return to working in media.

“I’ll go back into radio or television,

“The saddest thing would be for my staff.”

Senator Hinch tipped the Labor party to win the election.

Hinch also called for mandatory nurse to patient ratios in aged care facilities.

“I am a politician, and I am an old person, and I know all about the elderly,” he said.

“There are too few people looking after too many.”

He said people in jail receive better treatment than those in aged care.

“The average spend on old people in care per day, for food, is $6.07. When I was in jail the last time it was $10 a day and all the free milk you wanted.”

In studio with Tony Jones