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Hire car operators to lose VH plates in feud with state government

The Andrews Government is siding with Uber, according to the Hire Car Association, after a bitter feud over the loss of its VH licence plates.

As reported in The Herald Sun, the regulator has said they can no longer display VHA, VHB and VHC plates that separate them from other vehicles.

Rod Barton, president of the Victorian Hire Car Association, told Ross and John drivers are losing much more than just number plates.

“It restricts the ability of what that car can do,” Mr Barton said.

“When you’ve got a VH plate on the car you can shoot down the emergency lane in peak hour from Donvale into the city and there are express lanes on Citylink that will be taken away.”

Mr Barton says the loss of plates is a side affect of “badly written leglisation that was rushed through because they wanted to legalise Uber”.

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