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Honey shortage: Beekeepers feeling drought sting, consumers warned expect price hikes 

A major honey company has warned of an impending honey shortage, which is expected to drive up the price of the sweet nectar, and could have a huge ecological impact.

Hive + Wellness Australia, the parent company of honey giant, Capilano, has warned the worst honey crop on record is looming.

Steve Curnial, Vice President of the NSW Apiarists Association, said drought and bushfires are to blame.

“Between the drought and trees not flowering, not producing pollen and nectar sources, and bushfires burning out the resources to start with, it’s a difficult time,” he told 3AW’s Ross and John.

The impact of the devastation of bee populations could have a huge flow on effect, but Mr Curnial is confident populations will recover in time.

“We know that one in three mouthfuls of food that we eat require bees for direct pollination,” he said.

“It will recover. It always has to date and we’ve got to have faith that it will again, but it’s a slow process.

“Once the drought breaks it may be 18 months to two years before those trees come back into flower and start producing resources for the bees to forage on.”

Honey prices are expected to increase as supply declines.

“The price should go up,” Mr Curnial said.

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