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Hoppers copper robber: A street has woken up to no taps, no water

Several residents in a Hoppers Crossing street haven woken to no water and missing taps.

One resident, Milan Batteour, first noticed the issue when he tried to prepare for work this morning.

Unable to brush his teeth, he inspected his water meter and found the adjoining tap missing.

So he wandered down the street and noticed nearly every front yard was missing their taps.

It’s believed copper or brass thieves had ran amok.

Image: Another missing front yard tap.

“There’s at least four or five neighbours so far,” Mr Batteour told Neil Mitchell.

“It’ll cost us about $150. (The thief is) going to get about $5 for it.”

Plumber Peter told Neil Mitchell such thefts are common.

“They mainly do it from industrial sites, because it’s heavier,” he said.

“They take it to recycling plants, mainly for drug money.”

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