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Horsham preparing for ‘florrie freeloaders’ as their iconic dish becomes big

Horsham has joined some of the world’s great cities in laying claim to a special dish.

The Wimmera town has what the locals call a florrie — a flattened out piece of steak, crumbed and folded over slices of cheese and ham.

It has previously remained a mainly localised treat in the pubs and kitchens of Horsham, however that all changes today.

Mayor Pam Clarke recently suggested ‘Home Of The Florrie’ ought to be written on the town welcome sign, prompting a double-page splash in The Age newspaper today.

Ms Clarke told Ross and John she’s worried about what she’s started.

“I’m a little bit concerned about all this publicity,” she laughed.

“I think we’ll have all these freeloaders coming into town and eating all our florries!”

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