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Hospitality industry holds out hope of grand final re-opening

Melbourne’s hospitality industry is holding out hope it’ll be able to re-open its doors for next month’s AFL grand final.

But they’re demanding a bit of notice if that’s going to be the case.

“It’d be a bit cruel to be closed for six months and then open the week after everybody has had their grand final celebrations,” Paul Waterson, Chief Executive of Australian Venue Co, told Tom Elliott.

“So we are hoping they throw us a bone.”

The next set of announcements is due to be made on October 19, five days before the AFL grand final.

Mr Waterson said the industry needed more time to prepare stock, order beer and organise staff.

“This has been the whole problem all along,” he explained.

“We never get given advanced notice on when changes are likely to be made and it’s an nightmare to plan, at the moment.”

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