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Host of Mercurio’s Menu says that Italian tomatoes taste better

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TV presenter Paul Mercurio has cast his vote after a blind-taste test of Australian and imported tinned tomatoes.

Suzanna Sheed, the independent state member for Shepparton, spoke to Neil Mitchell yesterday saying that Ardmona was far better than the ‘cheap product of dubious quality’ imported from overseas. 

 Mr Mercurio put his hand up for the test after a caller disagreed with Ms Sheed and said that in a blind-taste test the Italian tomatoes were better. 

The host of cooking show, Mercurio’s Menu, says that the Italian brand Annalisa has a cleaner taste.

‘I’d much rather be supporting Australian growers but with the Ardmona it had some thickener and some tomato paste and it affected the taste’ he told Neil Mitchell. 

However he says that he would never buy Woolworths branded tomatoes.

‘If Woolies or Coles are doing their own tomatoes under their own brand I just feel like they’re screwing the farmers down on price so they can sell their own brand cheaper.’

There are concerns that losing the contract will put hundreds of people out of work.

While filming Mercurio’s Menu he visited a SPC factory while it was struggling.

‘It’s a tough area Shepparton in terms of employment ? and people were quite nervous and upset at what was going on.’

Woolworths signed a deal with SPC fruits in 2014 which secured the factory but tomatoes are under a different contract.