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Neil Mitchell: The three possible reasons for the Premier’s claim ADF support wasn’t offered

An inquiry into Victoria’s bungled hotel quarantine system yesterday revealed Victoria’s top public servant was directly offered Australian Defence Force assistance for hotel security.

A series of emails released by the inquiry show the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet secretary, Philip Gaetjens, emailed Chris Eccles, the boss of Victoria’s Department of Premier and Cabinet, offering military support on April 8, more than a month before the quarantine breaches.

The revelation comes after Premier Daniel Andrews repeatedly claimed ADF support had not been offered.

Neil Mitchell says there are three possible reasons for Mr Andrews’ denial that support had been offered, and none of them are good.

“One, he has lied to us,” the 3AW Mornings host said.

“Second, he has forgotten something crucial.

“Third, his office is so incompetent they didn’t pass on to him information which could have saved Victoria the pain of the second wave.

“Those are the only options coming out of the hotel quarantine inquiry yesterday.

“Any of those three is a disgrace to the government.”

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