How 3AW ended the stalemate: Tony Jones grills Andrew Lezala and Luba Grigorovitch

UPDATE: Metro and the rail union will return to the negotiating table tomorrow following 3AW’s intervention.

Union boss Luba Grigorovitch and Metro head Andrew Lezala met on Thursday afternoon following an exchange of text messages after grillings from fill-in 3AW Mornings host Tony Jones earlier in the day.

The meeting rekindled hopes of avoiding another debilitating train strike, which has been planned for next Thursday.

Jones told both parties to restart negotiations after a morning of finger-pointing on his program.


It started before 9am when Mr Lezala claimed the RTBU walked away from discussions.

TONY JONES: So you’re happy to meet with the rail union today?
ANDREW LEZALA: Of course. Of course. Yes! We want to. We’re available all the time.

But Ms Grigorovitch later turned the tables, telling 3AW it was Metro who wouldn’t talk.

LUBA GRIGOROVITCH: If Andrew wants to meet up this afternoon with his bargaining team, we will be there.

Tony Jones suggested the pair should contact each, and give him a reason they shouldn’t be negotiating how to avoid ’embarrassing’ planned industrial action that would bring Melbourne’s train network to a stand still in AFL grand final week.

Listen: How the stalemate was resolved on 3AW

Below: The original grillings