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How a critical tweet from Cory Bernardi led to more than $60,000 being raised for charity

It started with a critical tweet from Cory Bernardi, and led to more than $60,000 being raised for charity.

The Australian Conservatives senator tweeted about a primary school getting involved with a fundraiser encouraging students to wear a dress or casual clothes to help raise money for girls in Africa who are denied an education.

Mr Bernardi wrote “this gender morphing is really getting absurd.”

Aussie comedian Josh Thomas told Tom Elliott he was alerted to Mr Bernardi’s tweet by his boyfriend.

“I got a bit worried thinking these kids were going to go to school today wondering whether they were doing the right thing by trying to raise money for charity,” he said.

So he donated $2000.

The students’ original target was $900.

The post has since gone viral, with people donating more than $60,000.

Thomas questioned why Mr Bernardi had such an issue with males wearing dresses.

“Cory, have you ever watched The Footy Show?” he said.

“Australian men love putting on dresses for a laugh.”

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