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How a promising Australian COVID-19 vaccine trial is progressing

Thousands of people have rushed to register their interest in helping in the next phase of a promising COVID-19 vaccine trial in Perth.

Linear Clinical Research has just completed its first round of human dosing and more than 4000 people have indicated their willingness to participate in the next stage of the vaccine’s development.

Linear Clinical Research CEO Jayden Rogers said the vaccine mimics the shape of a protein on the outside of the coronavirus.

“When you vaccinate folks with this particular vaccine it helps train the immune system to recognise that protein,” he told Dee Dee.

“Should the people encounter COVID in the future, hopefully the body will be able to mount an immune response and either prevent or fight off an infection.”

Mr Rogers said the trial is progressing well, but more vaccine trials will fail than will succeed.

“Currently, I believe there’s about 17 vaccines in human trials, with about three or four of them in Australia,” he said.

“I think there’s a consensus though that we’ll need multiple vaccines to fight this.”

Mr Rogers say it’s unlikely a vaccine will be widely available until “next year at best”.

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