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How a supermarket boss dealt with a ‘disgraceful’ toilet paper profiteer who tried to return his haul

A South Australian supermarket owner has berated a man who tried to return copious amounts of goods which are in short supply, after he failed to sell them online.

The man tried to return 150 packs of toilet paper and 150 bottles of hand sanitiser to South Australian supermarket, Drakes, after he was unable to on sell the items on eBay.

Drakes Supermarkets director John-Paul Drake exposed the greedy act in a video on his YouTube channel.

Mr Drake told 3AW’s Dee Dee the customer had used an army of more than 20 people to purchase the in demand goods.

“The person had a team of people that brought the products, because they were only allowed to buy one of each at a time,” he said.

“You do your sums, that’s 150 separate purchases to buy those!

“Absolutely disgraceful.”

Mr Drake told the profiteering man he would not be able to return the items, and the customer responded by offering to sell the items back to the supermarket for 30 per cent less than he paid for them. That request was also denied.

“His eBay site got shut down,” Mr Drake explained.

“He wasn’t able to send stuff overseas because the Australian government introduced that category where they said you can’t send hand sanitiser, you can’t send hand soap and you can’t send toilet paper.

“There are people out there that a profiteering from a lot of people that are in tough times at the moment.”

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Image: YouTube / JP Drake