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How a Surrey Hills hairdresser saved a customer’s life

A caring hairdresser who sent help for a customer may have saved a life.

When an elderly regular was late for her appointment, Fran Tangey from the Madison Avenue Wellbeing Clinic in Surrey Hills sensed something was wrong.

She was right; the woman had been stuck in her bathtub for 15 hours.

‘I tried to call her repeatedly and didn’t get anyone, and I thought I’d hate to think she’s lying on the floor and unable to get to the phone,’ she told Justin and Kate on 3AW Breakfast.

‘I know another client who knows her, and she was kind enough to check on her.

‘She was stuck in the bath apparently. She couldn’t get out.

‘She’s in rehab and on the road to improvement.

For going the extra mile, Fran won 3AW Breakfast’s $500 Good Guy of the Week award .

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