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How AFL coach Luke Beveridge communicates and connects with young men

Providing young men with a clear vision of how they can improve is the key to connecting with them, according to Western Bulldogs coach, Luke Beveridge.

Speaking to Neil Mitchell, Beveridge said the techniques he uses to communicate with his players, should be no different when dealing with troubled young men in the community.

‘I don’t think it’s any different in society, where you put your arm around a young person and say, I know you’re having these struggles, we understand it, and this is how we can help’, he said.

Beveridge said regular, open communication is critical in growing trust and forming a connection with young men.

‘I think it’s giving them a clear view of how you can help them, how they can improve, I think over time we’ve got better at not just pointing out what’s going wrong or what’s going right and just walking away, but we’re better at saying this isn’t quite working and this is how we can fix it’, he said.

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