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How a share-driver’s gut instinct busted a drug delivery – that he was making!

There are claims rideshare drivers are unwittingly being used as drug mules during the pandemic.

The issue came to a head on Sunday when a rideshare driver’s gut instinct busted a drug delivery that he was supposed to be making.

He became suspicious after being called to the same Malvern East property to pick up packages in recent weeks.

As the driver was handed a bag to transport, he overheard the man on a phone tell someone repeatedly to “check the pockets carefully”.

The driver left the property and checked the pockets, locating several snap lock bags containing white powder which he took straight to the Malvern police station.

Officers kicked into action.

It sparked a raid at the Sylvester Street property where police uncovered cannabis, magic mushrooms and cocaine and two 21-year-old men charged.

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This prompted other rideshare drivers to call 3AW Breakfast, saying it wasn’t uncommon for them to effectively be used as drug mules.

Editor’s note: The initial version of this story suggested the hero sharedriver drove for Uber. The company says that was incorrect. Police have not revealed for which company the driver worked.