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How casuals may lose out as a result of the landmark case ruling they’re entitled to paid leave

A landmark Federal Court ruling has confirmed casual workers who work predictable and regular shifts are entitled to paid leave.

On Wednesday, the court found a casual mining worker employed by WorkPac, a labour hire firm, was entitled to annual leave, sick leave and carers leave because he worked regular shifts.

It comes after a similar ruling last year.

Employsure Managing Director Ed Mallett said the ruling this week was “surprising” and many were hoping the decision would overturn the comparable verdict reached last year.

Mr Mallett said the decision will have a detrimental effect on both employers and employees.

“There are huge implications. I’m frustrated by the decision both for employers and employees,” he told Tom Elliott.

“Now, in the worst possible jobs economy that we have seen in our lifetime we’ve got casuals that, today, found out they just got a lot more expensive and you’ve got employers who are considering how to reduce their costs.

“It doesn’t take too much to guess who is going to end up being at the front of that queue.”

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