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How farmers are being hamstrung by infuriating border bureaucracy

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Australian farmers who’ve been hamstrung by infuriating border bureaucracy have called on the federal government to “take over” and resolve the issue.

The Prime Minister promised on 3AW Mornings he’d take up their cause with the relevant state premiers.

Chris Taylor is a farmer based in Warracknabeal, in the Wimmera, but also has a property just over the NSW border at Euston.

There are 1500 sheep on the property.

There hasn’t been much rain and Chris has been trying to get a whopping 43 tonnes of feed to the sheep.

Because of the COVID-19 border closures, he can’t.

He was told he’d have to take the hay to Melbourne, then have it flown to Sydney.

The hay would then sit in quarantine for 14 days and then be freighted to Euston.

“What absolute nonsense,” Neil Mitchell said.

Scott Morrison heard about Chris’s story before speaking with Neil Mitchell on Wednesday and promised to raise it with the Premier as soon as possible.

Chris said there were so many examples that needed addressing.

“It’s becoming a federal issue, not a state issue,” he said.

“The federal government needs to stand up, step in and take over the whole situation and make common sense rulings.”

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