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How Instagram will influence the future of Australian Tourism

If they can’t take a picture of it and upload it instantly, did the holiday even happen?

That’s an ethos behind a $5 million advertising campaign aiming to send trendy Chinese tourists to regional Australia.

The Chinese are “a tremendous market for us” Margy Osmond, CEO of the Tourism and Transport Forum, told 3AW Breakfast this morning.

But there’s something stopping them from visiting regional Victoria.

“One of the big export markets for Australia is absolutely beautiful and fabulous documentaries about our wonderful and unusual wildlife,” Ms Osmond said.

“A downside of that is that people are getting a slightly strange idea that we’re populated by vast quantities of dangerous animals, as opposed to a more realistic view.

“Somewhere in this is an adventure, a smart way of marketing is saying we have Wi-Fi.”

A current lack of free Wi-Fi prevents regional tourism for the sophisticated Chinese demographic, says Osmand.

“They need to be able to map the available free Wi-Fi around regional areas, so people know when they are going to be able to send a message at the very least.”

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