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How Neil Mitchell thinks Victoria’s next top cop should be chosen

Senior police figures have begun throwing their hats in the ring to become the next Victoria Police Chief Commissioner, and Neil Mitchell says the appointment is too crucial to be decided by the state government alone.

Former Victoria Police deputy, Sir Ken Jones, will run for the top job when Graham Ashton steps down from the role in June.

Emergency Services Commissioner Andrew Crisp and Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton are also thought to be in with a chance, should they choose to run for the role.

Neil Mitchell said the decision on who gets the top job is too important to decided by just one side of politics.

“This really will set the future for Victoria Police. If you get it wrong, police will have still more problems,” he said.

“I think the force is rattled, I think public confidence is rattled. I think the men and women on the job are unsettled and confused by what’s happening up the tree, so the next chief commissioner is crucial.

“This is so important. It shouldn’t be a decision for government alone.”

The 3AW Mornings host called for both sides of politics to come together and form a bipartisan committee to determine who should get the top job.

“I’d suggest the government does the decent thing and sets up a bipartisan committee,” he said.

“Have a committee that involves government and opposition. It might lead to more considered decision, a more trusted decision.

“If we can’t work together on something as important as that, we can’t work together on anything.”

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Image: Darrian Traynor / Stringer