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How Netflix is impacting the National Broadband Network

The launch of online streaming platforms like Netflix in Australia has driven a huge surge in the national broadband network’s data usage.

NBN CEO Bill Morrow said on 3AW Breakfast since Netflix launched, there had been a 60 per cent increase.

It’s been dubbed the ‘Netflix effect’ and Mr Morrow said it was a sign of the times.

‘What we’ve seen is this massive uptake of data,’ he said.

‘Fortunately the NBN is built to handle high capacity, it didn’t have any effect on our system.

‘It’s really telling as to what is going to come in terms of the way in which people are going to use broadband and the effect on the network.’

Mr Morrow said in Melbourne around one in 20 homes are connected to the NBN.

‘By the year 2020 is when we will complete the rollout across the nation,’ he said.

LISTEN: Netflix CEO Bill Morrow on 3AW Breakfast with Ross and John