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How one violent child is holding a Melbourne school to ransom


Parents in Melbourne’s south-east claim their school is being held hostage by a violent grade six boy, and teachers have threatened to walk off the job.

One of the parents has told Neil Mitchell the school is frequently put into lockdown because of the child.

Vanessa , one of the parents at the school, has told 3AW Mornings she has photographic evidence of the abuse of children.

“There’s marks around their neck where they’ve been strangled, cuts on their heads,” she claimed.

“I have photos of bruising on my son (pictured above).

“He has struck students with a cricket bat. He pushed a girl to the ground.

“He’s stolen money.”

Vanessa said the school is forced into lockdown “quite frequently”.

“Even the younger students, like the preps, are scared; they know when they hear the alarm they know it’s this child,” she said.

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Following that interview, a teacher from the school, who wished to stay anonymous, contacted Neil Mitchell to confirm the details.

“That teacher has told me teachers are that furious, that they threatened to walk off the job,” Neil Mitchell said.

“The education department put something they call a PIN on the school, an improvement notice, that meant Worksafe had to go check it out.

“I’m told that the inspectors have visited the school twice in the past couple of weeks; they sat in the office, checked the paperwork, talked to the vice-principal and then left.

“They didn’t inspect the classroom, didn’t check the new wall that’s been built, to protect other students and didn’t talk to the teachers in the classroom.

“I’m not sure whose safety Worksafe is worried about — certainly doesn’t appear to be the other students or the teachers.”