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How six men involved in a huge ecstacy bust could have their convictions overturned

Six men convicted of a world record ecstacy bust may seek to have their convictions overturned because of gangland lawyer Nicola Gobbo’s role as a police informer.

Lawyers of the six men, who were involved in importing more than 15,000 ecstasy pills in tomato tins in 2007, have demanded to see the information Ms Gobbo provided to police.

Ms Gobbo tipped police off to the drug shipment and informed police which shipping containers the drugs were in.

After the men were caught, she represented two of them – Pasquale Barbaro and Rob Karam.

Matt Collins QC said the question of whether the men can appeal their convictions because of Ms Gobbo’s role as an informer is complicated.

“It all turns on the circumstances in which she acquired the information which she then passed on.

“If we have a professional relationship of lawyer and client, then it turns on whether you’ve given me the information for the purpose of obtaining my advice … or whether you’ve told it to me in some other context,” he told 3AW Breakfast.

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