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How to ‘fix’ Tasmania | Tim Lane shares his thoughts on his ‘magnificent’ home state

Does Tasmania need fixing? Neil Mitchell was grabbed by an article from economist Saul Eslake in which he suggested the state was on the “bottom of the ladder”.

3AW Football commentator and prominent Tasmanian, Tim Lane, shared his thoughts.

“It’s gone through a major transition since I left at the end of the 1970s from being still a small industrial state to one that’s now very tourism reliant,”

“I think that makes a lot of sense.”

He said it was a “magnificent” place.

“I’ve often said that if Tasmania had a better climate, it’d be overrun with tourists and people wanting to live there,” Lane said.

In news that won’t surprise 3AW Football listeners, Lane said an AFL club would give the state a huge boost.

“I think it would make a tremendous difference to Tasmania,” Lane said.

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