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A leading youth worker’s idea to stop young anti-lockdown protesters

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One of Victoria’s most experienced youth workers is calling for a targeted COVID-19 messaging campaign to curb angry anti-lockdown protests.

The push comes as youth-led rebellions against the restrictions are spreading across the city.

They’ve been happening in South Dandenong for over a week now, and have now spread to the northern suburbs.

Meanwhile, a protest planned for Altona North, in Melbourne’s west, was yesterday thwarted by police.

CEO of the Centre for Multicultural Youth, Carmel Guerra, said public health messaging around the pandemic has been targeted at adults, and that’s part of the problem.

“Young people communicate very differently to adults and I’m not sure that the messages for the young people have been prepared in ways that they hear it,” she told Neil Mitchell.

“Let’s get young people who are social influencers, who are known in their community, to give messages about the danger of what’s going on.

“Young people may think that they’re not at risk but they don’t understand the consequences of their family members who will be at risk if they’re not careful.

“I think that’s a really powerful message.”

Ms Guerra is engaged in discussions with the state government about a youth-targeted COVID-19 messaging campaign.

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