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How to make kids eat vegetables

Scientists may have found a way to make kids eat their greens, make them eat it everyday for 15 days.

Speaking to 3AW Breakfast, accredited dietitian with the Dietitians Association of Australia, Simone Austin said the way you cook and approach vegetables with kids will also play a big part.

‘We’ve got to take away the power-play of, ‘You must eat those greens or you can’t leave the table!’, and just put them on there without too much fuss’ she explained.

‘Making them tasty, putting them in stir-frys or adding some balsamic vinegar or herbs…make them taste nice, don’t boil them to death’ she said. 

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3AW Afternoons opened up the phone lines taking calls on ‘What food were you forced to eat as a child that you don’t mind now?’

The vegetables you’d expect all received a mention. Cabbage, brussels sprouts, kale, swede, parsnip and mushrooms.

Caller Rita had no doubts where her dislike for brussels sprouts stemmed from. 

‘My mother used to cook them until there was no life left in them at all.’

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