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How to sell Australia: Andrew Forrest says it’s time to harness Australia’s agricultural reputation

IDEAS FACTORY: Mining billionaire Andrew Forrest says Australia must revolutionise in how it sells itself and its agricultural produce on a global scale.

Mr Forrest is spearheading a campaign for all Australian produce from meat, cheese, milk and alcohol to be marketed under a new brand in the Asian market.

He said it was all about harnessing that reputation in China.

‘We haven’t joined the dots of taking that fabulous reputation of turning it into a logo and a brand,’ he said.

‘All Australian agricultural produce I would brand it easily identifiable.

‘The scale and the growth in that (Chinese) market for food is one trillion dollars we have to capture that market, right now we are not.’

He said Australia was known as the ‘safest source of beautiful food’.

‘Because we haven’t marketed it in their language with images they love then everyone knows that impacting the standard of living for every Australian family.’

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