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How your suburb affects which foods are promoted to you on delivery apps

New research has revealed a “stark difference” in the foods promoted on popular delivery apps, depending on the delivery suburb.

The VicHealth research found UberEats, Deliveroo and Menulog suggest unhealthy foods far more often in low income suburbs than they do in higher income suburbs.

Executive manager of program at VicHealth, Kirsten Corben, said the disparity has got worse since COVID-19 lockdown began.

“If you’re somebody who is living in a low income suburb 95% of those promotions you see are going to be unhealthy, where as in a high income suburb it’s 69 per cent,” she told Ross and Russel.

In high income suburbs, app users have to scroll past an average of seven or eight unhealthy food vendors before finding a healthy one. In low income suburbs that number balloons to 23 unhealthy options.

“That has got a whole lot worse in coronavirus,” Ms Corben said.

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