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Hundreds of security guards suspended over alleged licence fraud

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Hundreds of security guards have had their licences suspended by police due to allegations the licences were obtained fraudulently, according to an article in The Age today.

Some of Marvel Stadium’s controversial crowd controllers are among the 400 guards who are believed to have had their licences temporarily suspended.

To apply for security accreditation applicants must have a character reference from someone who has known them for at least a year.

It is believed the suspended guards paid someone to provide that reference.

The temporary suspensions may become permanent, with reports that suspended guards will be unlikely to be able to reapply due to character concerns.

Cameron Houston, crime reporter at The Age, said there are also concerns some of the guards haven’t received adequate training.

“There’s a suggestion that a lot of them didn’t receive any training and were just given their licence in return for the fee,” he told 3AW Breakfast.

Allegations of poor working conditions in the industry are widespread.

“Underpayment is rife across the industry, a lot of the guards on foreign visas are exploited,” Mr Houston said.

“There’s good evidence that the industry has been infiltrated by outlaw motorcycle gangs, by organised crime, and there’s also concerns about the regulation of the industry, which has been found wanting.”

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