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Hunt for a new home for dog dumped in park under strange circumstances 

A dog who was dumped under unusual circumstances in Melbourne’s south-east is seeking a new home.

Eight-year-old rottweiler, Duke, was left in a park last month, along with his bed, food, bowl and lead.

He was picked up from the park and taken to the Australian Animal Protection Society in Dandenong South, who are now searching for a new home for him.

President of the Australian Animal Protection Society, Megan Secull, said it’s a strange case.

“The dog is very well looked after and a beautiful dog, so to leave it in a park like that, there was obviously some problem,’ she told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

Ms Secall urged pet owners not to dump pets if they can no longer look after them.

“We want to raise awareness that you don’t need to do that,” she said.

“You can ring us up, we can help you find another home for your dog, rather than leave it in the park.”

Ms Secall said Duke would make a great addition to almost any home.

“He’d be good with most families. He’d be good with kids, he’d be good with older people. He’s gentle, he just wants anyone who will love him,” She said.

“He is such a sweetie. He’s good with other dogs, he’s great with people, but maybe not with cats!”

If you’d like to adopt Duke you can submit an application here —

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