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Hunt for COVID-19 vaccine: Australian researchers ‘hopeful’ after breakthrough

Australian researchers claim they could have a COVID-19 vaccine in production within six months.

University of Queensland scientists have been focusing their effort on a specific vaccine sine January, with promising pre-clinical trials and mice testing.

Professor Trent Munro told Ross and John his team is now undertaking more animal testing.

It’s one of more than 100 potential vaccines in development across the world.

“I think we’re seeing science throw everything it’s got at this, and I’m really hopeful that one of theses vaccines is going to be effective,” Professor Munro told 3AW Breakfast.

“We think we’ve locked in on a single candidate … we’ve locked in on what we think is going to be the vaccine.

“We think there’s nothing to stop ours, we think the early data looks really good, but we’ve got to get through the testing.

“What we’ve been focused on is looking at a manufacturing plan, because really that’s where the big challenge is, that’s where all the bottleneck is and why these things take time.”

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