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‘Hush policy’ introduced to local councils

Censorship has crept into council policies, which has appalled Tom Elliott.

Both Kingston and Ballarat Councils have introduced measures which mean councillors cannot speak negatively or contrary to the councils view.

Councillor Amy Johnson from the City of Ballarat explained the new policy on the 3AW Drive program.

Cr Johnson said there was a mandatory update to the councils code of conduct, which is where the change was made.

‘One of which included the addition of a line which basically says ‘your views should not reflect negatively on councils or individual councillors’,’ Ms Johnson told Tom Elliott.

Councillors should be able to speak highly of a council’s success’, according to Ms Johnson. As well as that, they should also have the right to discuss the opposite.

‘You also need to have the ability to discuss the challenges of the organisation as well,’ said Cr Johnson.

‘Potentially this interview that we’re having right now could land me in hot water.’

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