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Huxtaburger owner Daniel Wilson discusses the key for the perfect burger

Huxtaburger owner Daniel Wilson joined A Moveable Feast on Saturday and discussed what he thought made the perfect burger.

The creator of Huxtable was praised by Kate Stevenson as the pioneer of burger restaurants in Australia and the chef now has five franchises in Victoria. 

As a successful hamburger retailer, he believes a perfect burger needs to be well constructed.

‘A burger should be the sum of all of its parts, so you want to taste a bit of everything,’ he said.

It’s kind of like an orchestra, you want to hear all of the instruments at the right level.’

Personally, he also believes sauces are crucial to the burger’s make-up.

 ‘I have a bit of a condiment problem so mayo, mustard, ketchup, pickles, lettuce, tomato.’

With the franchise continuing to expand, Wilson said the key is making sure the ingredients are consistently quality and as such, they source their grass fed beef from Gippsland.

Wilson believes the reproduction of that perfect burger is of critical importance, especially across all of their five stores, and that makes staff crucial. 

‘Consistency is the most important thing and as with any business, staff is the hardest thing because human nature is what it is,’ he said.

‘Luckily we do have very good staff and it’s about putting the right managers in to set the culture.’

The former restaurant chef said he might one day return to the industry, but is currently happy with his chain of burger joints.