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‘I am sad and mad’: People are still dumping their crap on Salvos door

It’s 2017 and for some it’s still too hard to understand that DUMPING YOUR STUFF ON THE SALVOS’ DOOR IS DOING MORE HARM THAN GOOD.

Or maybe they know that and just don’t care.

Either way, ’tis the season for cleaning out the wardrobe as winter looms, and the Salvos in Somerville has copped it.

The above photo was sent by listener Kylie.

‘I am sad and mad,’ she told 3AW Mornings.

pop-up tips, couches, fridges, bags of rubbish

Kylie said she discovered it cost the charity six million dollars to remove rubbish annually.

‘A lot of people think they are doing the right thing by leaving donations, but what actually happens is they are exposed to the elements,’ she said.

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