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‘All hell about to break loose’: Neil Mitchell’s explosive Oakleigh hit-run tip-off

Neil Mitchell believes the driver being hunted after the shocking Oakleigh hit-run that claimed a woman’s life was on parole.

“I believe all hell is about to break loose,” he said at the start of his program.

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“I believe Victoria’s judicial system is about to come under intense questioning and criticism for failing to protect the public again,” he said.

“I believe the suspect in the horrendous hit-run … is a young man with a prior conviction for culpable driving.

“And I further believe he may even have been on parole on Monday night.

“I can’t tell you any of this as fact; two sources have given me information but it is not officially confirmed.”

Neil Mitchell has been told the suspect was given parole within the past month.

“I understand he had been in the justice system for a couple of years over a crash that had killed a 16-year-old boy,” he detailed.

“I understand he got out on parole on a supervision order.”

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