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‘I don’t think it brings disorder to the gallery’: Islamic Council defends woman’s right to wear niqab

An Islamic woman who wears a niqab – a full face veil – who was refused by a judge from wearing it in the Supreme Court, has been given permission to watch proceedings in another room via a live stream.

Back in February the woman, whose husband is facing terrorism charges, was told by the judge all faces must be uncovered in the court.

It was challenged by lawyer’s citing it as a breach of her religious freedom.

Adel Salman, Vice President of the Islamic Council of Victoria, told Neil Mitchell while it was ‘terrific’ she had been given the opportunity to watch in another room, she shouldn’t have to.

“It would be much more reasonable for her to be allowed in to the court room to show support for her husband,” Mr Adel said.

“I don’t see how it would be seen as hindering in any way.

“I don’t think it brings disorder to the public gallery.”

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“Many women choose to wear a niqab and it’s purely because of religious convictions,” he added.

“They feel it’s part of their dress code, to show modesty and absolute faithfulness to God.

“Many women choose not to do so and we believe women should have that choice.”

Photo: AAP