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‘I feel violated’: Woman in her 60s mugged by gang of young African men

One of Tom Elliott’s family friends has told how she “feels violated” after being mugged in Melbourne’s north on Friday night.

Wendy was walking with her husband and two friends along a street in Carlton about 10.30 Friday night when a group of men approached her.

“I noticed about five or six young Sudanese and another man walking down the middle of the road towards us,” Wendy said.

The group walked passed Wendy, who is in her 60s, before one man came back and grabbed her and her bag from behind.

Wendy lost a number of items, including her mobile phone, which had messages on it from her son who died only a few months ago.

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Wendy saw another group of young men of African appearance at a shopping centre and they made her feel nervous.

“I’m not a scaredy cat but I am now in my own country sadly, I feel violated,” she said.

The incident has been reported to police.