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‘I hope I’m wrong, but…’: Road toll summit spin?

Neil Mitchell hopes he’s wrong, but he fears Victoria’s road safety summit is little more than “spin and window dressing”.

The meeting has been convened to address the state’s road toll, which has risen more than 50 per cent on 2018.

Road Safety Minister Jaala Pulford flagged the summit as an important part of the state government’s reaction in an interview with Neil Mitchell last week.

But Neil Mitchell has since received a copy of the agenda, which doesn’t inspire.

“It goes just over three hours,” he said.

“Great — fix the world in three hours.”

Click PLAY to hear Neil Mitchell walk through the running order, which he described as “hardly innovative”

“We need specifics and freshness here,” Neil added. “We need a strategy, which we don’t have.

“We need more cameras, we need more police visibility.

“Where is NSW for this meeting? Their road toll is only up by 10 per cent.

“Where is the Federal Minister for Transport, Michael McCormack?”

So Neil got the Deputy Prime Minister on the phone to ask him.

Neil Mitchell: Why weren’t you invited?

Mr McCormack: I’m not sure, Neil. But I’m doing things in Sydney as far as road safety is concerned.

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