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‘I’m going after it with everything I can’: Joey Lynch’s fight for life

A young cancer sufferer is hoping to take his fight for life to the US.

Joey Lynch, 23, has been undergoing treatment for eight years for Hodgkins Lymphoma but his options are running out.

‘I’ve been dealing with Hodgkins Lymphoma since I was 16, at this point unfortunately I have really exhausted all of the curative options available here in Australia,’ he told Neil Mitchell.

‘Obviously I don’t want to give up the fight just yet.

‘I’ve been researching other avenues that might potentially present a cure, I’ve found a trial in a clinical trial in the US that seems really promising.’

But the medical costs means Joey has launched a fundraising bid to get him to the US with the help of Canteen.

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‘When it comes down to it, it’s a life or death matter,’ he said.

‘I want to live, I’m going after it with everything I can.’

Program psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg, also one of the founders of Canteen, is calling on the Federal Government to establish a dedicated research fund of $4 million to help others like Joey.