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‘I’m terrific, looking forward’: Professor Grant McArthur reveals cancer battle

When leading oncologist Professor Grant McArthur slips into the lycra to take part in the Ride to Conquer Cancer, it will be his first time as a cancer survivor.

It’s been said that doctors make the worst patients, but Professor McArthur credits his GP for picking up something was wrong.

This morning he revealed to Neil Mitchell he had surgery for prostate cancer 12 months ago.

He said he’s ‘terrific’ and hasn’t required chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

‘I’ve been privileged to look after many people who sadly cancer has not led to a good outcome,’ he said.

Professor McArthur is recognised as a world leader in the treatment of melanoma.

He’s been involved with the treatment of Ron Walker and Clare Oliver, who successfully campaigned for restrictions and bans on solariums.

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