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‘I made a poor decision’: Carlisle apologises for video

LATEST: St Kilda CEO Matt Finnis has issued a warning to star recruit Jake Carlisle – you’ve had your chance.

Finnis told 3AW Carlisle’s behaviour ‘beggared belief’ after a video appearing to depict him taking illicit drugs surfaced on Wednesday night.

The star utility has apologised for ‘a very poor decision’ that led to the video appearing on Channel 9’s A Current Affair.

Finnis told Neil Mitchell he was frustrated but said the club would not sack Carlisle.

‘Everyone at St Kilda gets a chance,’ Finnis said on 3AW Mornings.

‘He’s had his now.’

Finnis said the club’s leadership group was ‘absolutely filthy’ with Carlisle’s actions and the player knew that.

‘I know what’s given him (Carlisle) more anxiety is that he’s going to be fully accountable to the playing group at our football club when he walks through the door in three weeks time,’ Finnis said.

The Saints CEO also said the club was likely to have ‘ongoing conversations’ with Carlisle’s management, given it reportedly knew about the video’s existence before the deal to send him to St Kilda went through.

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