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“I made the decision to dive in”: Cairns councillor saves Victorian tourist from raging flood waters

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A Cairns councillor has come to the rescue of a Victorian motorist who became trapped in raging flood waters.

The female driver hit the water at the flooded Behana Creek causeway and aquaplaned, with her car floating into the current.

Councillor Brett Moller told Heidi Murphy it was “an amazing sequence of events”.

“It was dark, it was pelting rain,” Cr Moller said.

“For some reason my wife stood up and looked outside and she could see some lights in the creek.

“We walked down to the bank, and we heard the girl screaming.

“The car was wedged up against a tree branch, at that stage she had moved from the roof, and jumped on and clung to the branch.

“She was very frightened and started to panic.

“I made the decision to dive in and swim out to her.”

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Image: Brett Moller (Twitter)

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